Q: Why is there a need to rebrand?

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It is human nature to give attention to anything new. We always notice new people, new roads, new buildings. We want to read new stories have new experiences, watch new movies, travel to new places. Companies exploit this tendency by rebranding their offerings. Now, rebranding of companies is different then rebranding of packaging. Sometimes companies really improve, find new things that they are capable of  and actually change so much that rebranding is the only way that change can be conveyed. May time rebranding creates the change that is needed as well.

For FMCG companies rebranding a formula to remain in consumers buy list. They change packaging colours and brand cosmetics almost every two to three years. many do not change the product at all. Sometimes rebranding projects a product or service in a way that was not done before..that catches consumers fancy..this leads to more sales.

It is mostly the profit and higher sales as reason for rebranding. Sometimes companies rebrand to find their soul..but those cases are rare.

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