Q: What to do when you have a creative block?

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A: I have thought about this a lot and i used to face this in earlier years of my career..”Creative Block’. This is a situation where you just don’t seem to to be able to think beyond the solutions you already know, you start feeling uninspired and work starts becoming boring. It doesn’t remain fun and you tend to start thinking of other things rather than the problem at hand.

There are many simple ways to get out of this mindset, you should try all of them. First one is to hand over that work to another team member and observe how it moves in a different direction, then you start seeing ways of improving and can take it back from the other person.

2nd is change the context within which you are working. Try imagining that you are doing this work for another client, another person..how would he want it.

Imagine you are working for another brand altogether. If you are working on a milk bottle for a local dairy and you are stuck..imagine what if this milk came from “Apple computers” or what if this milk was supplied by some famous actor… you suddenly have a new reference.

Change the place you sit and work in for sometime. Sit with another team member.
Sometimes a break works as well. leave that work for sometime..switch off and start working on something else.

As you grow you face less creative blocks. You start observing concepts and ideas around you and you start noting them in a notebook..to visit later. You also develop patience to go deep in one concept. You can keep detailing the one you are working on.

Also working on two or three projects at one time also keeps you fresh.

See books, movies to take your attention away from problem.

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