Q: What should creative director do in the office and outside the office?

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A: It is to understand who is a creative director, what is his role to understand what activities are expected of him in or out of office.

A creative director is someone who directs the creative work in a studio or office or an organisation. This means he understands the tools and tricks of the trade (the ART side- fonts colours etc etc), and also understands the context side of the projects, how idea works and solves a problem. He has the larger picture. he understand how this solution which might be simple or complex needs to be achieved by combination of skills at his disposal. The copy, the language, the nuances, and then the Art side.

He directs various talents to extract the required part and creates a piece that works as one complete thing. he himself doesn’t have to be skilled in all those tools, but he has an understanding of those tools. This gets him to understand his team and their specialties. he becomes responsible to grow the creative team with an objective in mind. He is always looking and observing at different aspects of creativity and assessing a fit with his projects.

So he is more than a copywriter, more than an art director. He controls the creative standards of a studio.

So his roles would include: understanding the brief, helping extracting a brief and then charting a process, setting timelines and deciding talent resources. Then breaking a project in pieces and asking his team to work on each piece before he puts it back together.

Outside the office, he is always looking a new inspirations for him/herself and the team. Always looking a newer ways of doing things.

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