Q: What inspires you?

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I know you want to know what inspires me and let me first answer this (it is easier to make a list), and then answer the question which I think you want to be answered- How to be Inspired?

Stories inspire me.  Biographies inspire me a lot. I feel overwhelmed when i read stories of real people, so overwhelmed and inspired that it becomes impossible for me to read further. I have to stop reading and start doing something. I was very inspired by biography of Bill gates, Steve jobs, Mahatma Gandhi. I feel very inspired by Munshi Premchand’s stories too. Movies inspire me. I also feel inspired when i meet people, motivated and inspired people. I feel very inspired by own team at Indi Design. My clients inspire me.

Travelling, walking and time alone is also very inspiring. Sometimes listening to lectures in conferences is also very inspiring. You may find it funny but motivational quotes on facebook / twitter inspire me as well.

So you see i feel inspired with almost anything. I believe to be inspired is a state of being. and i think you can consciously be in state of inspiration. The state is a very happy, positive and thrilled state, where you are ready to move into action. You may see a painting of rain and feel inspired to write the mail that you have been wanting to read. You may listen to music and feel inspired to finish the sketch that you had started. You may read about how Steve jobs went about his meetings and you may feel inspired to finalise the document that you are negotiating.

See that inspiration always moves you to take action. the source of inspiration and the action you take may not be related..(at least not directly). Now i think you have to be ready to be inspired, you have to be in a state of mind that is open for inspiration to strike. and you can build this state. That is why when someone might be inspired by a movie, someone else may just be feeling bored.

You have to be motivated to be inspired. Now inspiration is natural and happens from inside you..you can not control it. Motivation on the other hand is induced. it is like a bribe for you to to do something. Motivation can put you in a happy and open frame of mind..so that inspiration can do its job. This needs practice, it will not happen by itself. but once you reach the state of openness and happiness..it becomes easier. Some people attain this state for ever..that is when anything can inspire them. They are infectious..people want to be around them..they radiate an energy, people want to work with them, for them..and no doubt they are successful at anything they do.

Different things motivate different people, and it is a huge subject by itself. Money, material things, objects, cars, houses, travel..we all have our own needs that motivate us. But one thing that is universal and always work- is the need to be loved. Love (attention, care, warmth) is the biggest and universal motivation for all of us. It is easy to receive and also easy to give (with practice). Funny thing is…giving Love gives you the feeling of being Loved. The more you give..more you get.  Feeling loved makes you open to be inspired. That is why children who feel loved do well in studies or in everything. Employees who feel taken care of by the company, will do much more for the company. When you travel, you feel worry-free, tension less…so you can be inspired.

But remember we all have different ways in which we feel loved. Some are happy when you just smile at them, some feel great when u hug them . Some feel loved when they receive gifts. Check these books The Five Love Languages, and The Five Languages of Appreciation. You can use these for yourself, your team and also for your relationships.Here’s where you can take the Love Languages test for free, and find out what makes you feel loved.

Once you are in this state of motivation (because you are at peace, feeling happy and appreciated), you feel confident to take action, you are ready to be inspired. Now just open your senses- eyes, ears, nose and let world do the magic on you.

Check this video..exactly what i would say.




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