Q: Just like in Design, negative space makes your design a balance to positive space , so does a person ‘s dark side or wierd personality makes them balanced?Do you think one should change or improve ?

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Change is not a choice. One is always changing whether we want to or not, we change with environment, with people, with food, with age and with seasons. Every time we respond to a stimuli we change. Also we all have good and bad sides, yin and yang.. and like perception of balance in Design Good or Weird is a perception only. What is weird for you may be normal for me. What is normal for you may be weird for me, these are our social conditionings.

Even Balance of negative and positive spaces is a aesthetic conditioning. Someone not introduced to Indian aesthetic may find it too busy, too loaded or with no breathing space. many will find too much space in Japanese zen art. So this whole question of balance is a very personal issue. We have a lot of social pressures to behave in a certain way, these expectations make us behave differently in different situations. I guess what is not socially acceptable becomes to be seen as weird. Same in some personal situations become expected.

In fast changing cultures like Indian, the social norms are changing very fast too, and anyway we have too many different codes to adhere to. In such situations i think what matters is what you expect from yourself and if you can live with yourself peacefully with all your quirks. Any person who accepts his/her own ‘weirdnesses” will be at peace and doesnt feel the pressure to conform.

Designers, Artists, Creative people mostly get very comfortable with themselves, and that is perhaps why they get accepted with all their weirdness. I think anyone would, if first they are comfortable with it. The biggest challenge is to accept our own weirdness.


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