Q: Is print design really ending and moving towards UI/UX?

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A: A lot of people say that, i have been hearing about it since i used the first Mac in 1984, that time i was interning with The Hindu” in Madras. But the fact is that every newspaper, magazine that comes in print is only growing in numbers. This obviously means that there is a need for print design.

In terms of pure design question we know Print Design and Design of UI is not very different, Infact A good grounding in Print Design is essential for UI as well. UI has another dimension that needs to be learnt. But discipline of Print in terms of Typography, grids, spaces and working with higher resolutions only make u better at the game.

Also note that UI becomes redundant very fast, it needs to change often. I am not sure if this has to do with the mediocre talent that does UI or it is because since digital things come and go fast..people dont really stick to them. If you launch a website..it is not difficult to reach number of visitors 15000 quickly…that will take a huge time in print..but then in my experience readers of print only grow where as on a website you can lose them as quickly.

Another major difference if you are a designer working in these environments is the salary that you will get. UI / UX has a demand and its growing since everybody feels they can have a website or do something digitally. Companies are under pressure to deliver more and quickly, so they pay any amounts to have designers on the team.

Print on the other hand is slow and steady growth, not many people initiate projects in print. Not many designers are available who can do good print. Less new designers want to do print. In coming times i feel print designers will be paid more, and respected more.

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