Q: How to present your work to an audience not familiar with it?

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Presenting to an audience is different than presenting to a client. Understand the difference in purpose of the presentation. When you present to a client, you want to highlight your capabilities and elements that solve a particular issue for the client. Presenting to an audience is perhaps to make an altogether different point. Be clear about the purpose of the presentation, it will help you slant your talk accompanying the presentation, which may be same or different than what you presented to someone else.

With an audience that is unfamiliar with your work, first spend sometime to understand the wavelength of the audience. Is the audience very serious, in a light mood, distracted. What was presented before you sets the mood of the audience. So spend time introducing yourself and the work that audience is going to see. You may want to present it in reverse to catch the interest. In the sense reveal the outcome of the work, its impact and what it lead to before you move into details of the process of putting it together.

Many companies just present the outcome and impact and do not go into the process at all. The process can be shared if you see interest in audience.

It is important that when you start presenting, you speak slow, give time to audience to adjust to your way of talking and understanding. It is good to speak slow, go slow for a first few slides and then pick up tempo. If their are more than one presenters, you must take care to give each other enough space to speak. Do not cut each other in speaking. and if one speaker does that you, do not fight back to speak.

let one speaker finish and nod to you for you to start speaking. It would be better if you rehearsed this earlier. make eye contact and dont forget audience in corners and audience sitting behind. Do not get fixated to one person while presenting. body language should be relaxed.

remember Audience is as apprehensive of the presentation as you are, they dont know what they will see..so put them at ease and dont forget to smile.

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