Q: How to make a to-do list for life? :) And can there actually be one?

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Ofcourse there can be to-do list for life, except that it will not be one list, but a series of lists. We always have it, infact everyone has a list for everyone else too. In India your parents have a ever changing to-list for you. You need to have a changing to-do list too. Take life as a staircase, where you have to take steps to move up..so make a list of as far as you can see and then revise the list.

Set smaller achievable goals, in shorter terms, all that which adds to a larger one. Just like in a car design process first vsualise the life (full styling of the car), put in things that may not be possible as yet..but you want them…then start putting it together one step at a time..all the time keep revising your final design, as engineering takes shape new knowledge and resources and talent and people is coming your way. Remember few things will not work as you wanted, few will work better than you expected.

It is life take changes in your stride, dont sit back and waste much time on paste..move ahead, look in front change your final design. It does help to write down the final to do list..to keep you on track. there is a reason why paste our final visualisations on glass in front of us. we ant to remember them..and reach there.

But i also feel dont take life too seriously. Nothing in this life and no one is worth your present time if it is in the past. Keep moving thats important. way will come.

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