Q: How to go ahead when in doubt?

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Doubt means a discussion within your head. Where one voice says- i like this and the other says no, i like that, and many voices in your head don’t seem to agree on one way. We also call this confusion. I have always said confusion is good, it says you are not prepared enough yet, you dont enough yet, there is more that is needed to move ahead. It is a human tendency to get out of confusion quickly, in-fact all MBA’s teach you to move away from confusion.

But for creative people and in life generally i say start liking confusion, start loving your time in this fuzzy understanding of things, spend as much time as you have in this situation. Because when you are in confusion, you are looking and weighing alternatives, your mind becomes creative and you do not throw away any ideas. So be in doubt, and be happy.

But then many times time itself is a constraint, decide a point in time when you will take a decision. and at that time weigh in everything decide one way and stick to it. Forget that other way existed, and do not doubt your own decision.

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