Q: How to become a successful team leader and entrepreneur?

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Entrepreneur / Personality
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A: Now this is a very big question. Many say this is a inborn talent, but i guess many qualities can be learnt and grown. I am assuming that you asked about entrepreneur also in the same context. An entrepreneur is a team leader as well.

So let me answer about Team leader here. You obviously need to be happy with people and enjoy their company. You need to trust your team and respect them for what they can do. You may always think you know more, you can do more..but of course that’s what makes you a leader in the first place. A good team leader is always wanting to share knowledge and keen that his team grows.

Team should be able to trust you and respect your knowledge, now these things you can not buy with money. You do not become a team leader just because you are paid more and because someone is reporting to you.

A successful entrepreneur is one who is able to figure out a road when none exist, it could also be in very small ways. In a studio a creative director has to a entrepreneur. He has to think of what he wants on a white paper, then decide which photographer, which models, which setting will fill the page. he always takes help of the specialists. he is constantly learning and constantly teaching.

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