Q: How do we know what’s an achievable goal when planning the to-do list at work?

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A: That’s a very good question. How do we know what we are capable of? how do we know how much we can do in a day? How do we know what we will do and how do we know where we will reach.

The fact is we don’t know. At best we can estimate based on our past experience and we can guess based on circumstances. i also face this question on daily basis, every time i take up a new project..do i know if we can do it? if we can do it on time?

Achievable goals, i guess the reference is to the time available, you know what resources you have..you have a computer, softwares, your team, your office space and a few basic things. In india you also need to keep in mind, festivals, holidays..also you know your personal commitments.

There are two ways to estimate- Underestimate and overestimate…not by a lot but by a little. If you are dealing with unknowns..new client, new idea, new team, new place..we conservative and give more time than u think u need.

But if you are confident of yourself and your environment and your team..give your self a challenging schedule. This will give you a tremendous sense of achievement when you do it.

I try and do that on most projects, that’s one reason i am always thrilled with what i do..:)

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