How to build a creative team?

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I understand that this question is how to build teams for creative Industry. Creative industries (Design, Art, Advertising, innovation, fashion, architecture, interiors, space design etc) by nature need diverse teams. They need teams that can understand the project, understand what client needs, understand what people want, can brainstorm, conceptualise, visualise, build prototypes, work out details, supervise production and improve their work.

Now this sounds very exciting and straight, if this was to be done by one person. Creative people have ego, that stops them from working in teams. They also have perceptions about their own capability, that is a very sensitive issue. So there are sensitivities, attitudes, egos, pride and other human things involved. Building a creative team is perhaps more to do with the leadership, or the person who builds it. It is important to know that creative people are very disciplined, but all in their own way. To deal with this diversity and holding back judgements is very important. You need to be able to deal with confusion, non-clarity and postponements.

Besides knowing the tools of the work that they need to do, i always look for honesty, openness, and a quest to learn. Anyone who is ready to learn is ready to drop his ego, anyone who learns is also someone who has a healthy respect towards others. So qualities that are needed in a person to join a progressive team are ability to learn, mutual respect, openness and not scared to mistakes. people who are not paranoid to be right all the time.

A team like that needs a environment that gives them their own space and then team space. There has to be a very explicit goal. This keeps the team together. this also takes the ego barriers down. I was part of a team of 5 designers who built the most well know Design company in India. Till the team was struggling and was focussed on becoming to be known as the best..everyone worked as one unit..but the moment it was understood that we are there…the team scattered..everyone came up with their own agendas.

A team member needs, his own set of skills and tools, he needs to be aligned into a larger vision, he needs to have his own space, environment and he needs to be respected and acknowledged for what he contributes. He needs to be happy and should be able to pull others out of the creative confusion.


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