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Q: How do we know what’s an achievable goal when planning the to-do list at work?

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Love the answer? Share it!A: That’s a very good question. How do we know what we are capable of? how do we know how much we can do in a day? How do we know what we will do and how do we know where we will reach. The fact is we don’t know. At best we can estimate based on our past experience and we can guess based on circumstances. i also face this […]

Q: How to write good emails?

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Love the answer? Share it!A: Well there is this whole knowledge of writing mails and answers, but i think in todays time writing emails is a bit different. It also depends on the person you are writing to and weather it is a first email or an ongoing conversation. to start with i think emails should always be respectful, formal and conservative in terms of language. But as you get to know the other person, […]

Q: How to become a successful team leader and entrepreneur?

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Love the answer? Share it!A: Now this is a very big question. Many say this is a inborn talent, but i guess many qualities can be learnt and grown. I am assuming that you asked about entrepreneur also in the same context. An entrepreneur is a team leader as well. So let me answer about Team leader here. You obviously need to be happy with people and enjoy their company. You need to trust your […]